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Technology Investment Opportunities to Grow Your Wealth

MAIN OAK CAPITAL, offers direct investment opportunities in emerging technologies for accredited investors, allowing them to be a part of innovative companies and technologies that have the potential to revolutionize the world. Our investment experts leverage our large network of trusted partners and identify the most profitable investment opportunities. We conduct a deep analysis of various opportunities to assess their potential for asset appreciation and long term cash flow, and identify the most promising investment opportunities.

Why Invest in Technology Projects?

Investing in technology allows investors an opportunity to be part of innovative companies and technologies that can disrupt the current ways of doing things in many of today’s industries and markets. Depending on the risk tolerance of investors, we provide them with options to participate in companies developing wireless electricity technologies to concepts that can bring fresh water to communities that struggle with access to much needed water resources.


As the world population grows, there is a surge in demands in every aspect of life. This requires embracing emerging technologies, making investments in emerging technology projects one of the most profitable long-term investment options for qualified investors.

High Returns

The performance of the technology sector has been in favor of investors for quite some time now. If we look at a 20-year average of the return-on-investment rate for technology investments, it stands at 20.5 percent, which is much higher compared to other sectors.

Texas Technology Investment Opportunities


Investments in oil and gas energy projects are accompanied by several significant tax benefits. Such benefits are introduced to encourage energy investments and help significantly lower tax liability and burden. Some of the tax benefits associated with oil and gas energy projects, include:

Wireless Electricity Transmission

Wireless electricity transmission is a field of extensive research and there are numerous possibilities in this field. The research on the topic shows that it has the potential to disrupt the current energy industry. This field entails promising returns for early investors. So far, Main Oak Capital, in association with our partners, has helped raise $180 million to be invested in the evolution of wireless electricity transmission.

Software Development

As the demand for better user experience increases, businesses are accentuating their focus on customized software development. As a result, the application development and deployment market is projected to reach US$122.9 billion by 2027, presenting a myriad of investment opportunities for qualified investors.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI has become prevalent across various industries owing to its remarkable potential and capabilities. It is expected that the global market of Artificial Intelligence will reach up to $190 billion by 2025, offering a spectrum of investment opportunities for investors.

Cyber Security

As more businesses move to the cloud, there is also an increase in cyber threats, increasing demand for enhanced cybersecurity solutions. The market for cyber security is projected to reach $304.91 billion by the year 2027. Careful and well researched investments in cyber security technologies have the potential to deliver exceptional returns.

Why Partner with Main Oak Capital?


1. Vetted Investment Opportunities

Our Investment management experts study different markets and assess the potential of various investment opportunities. The growth potential and risk involved with each investment opportunity is measured to ensure that our investors are presented with only the most promising opportunities that offer sustainable returns.

2. Transparent Transactions

We, at Main Oak Capital, believe that transparency is the backbone for any long term relationship. We make sure that our investors are provided with regular project updates along with any other information they want regarding their investment. Our clients can ask their dedicated investment management experts for any information related to their investment.

3. Investor Education

When our investors partner with us, we make sure that they know everything about their investment options. We provide complete information about a particular investment opportunity such as the risks involved, revenue-generation potential and the liquidity of their investment helping investors in making a well-informed decision.

4. Dedicated Investment Partner

At Main Oak Capital, we ensure that each investor partner is handled with undivided attention. Each investor is assigned a dedicated investment management professional with years of experience in handling energy, entertainment and technology direct investments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What type of technology projects does Main Oak Capital participate in?

Main Oak Capital is looking for industry disrupting technologies which stand to make significant changes to the way the respective industries traditionally operate.

What are the best technology companies to invest in?

Identifying the best companies requires a detailed analysis of the industry they are affecting, the leadership talent and their roles including their prior performance, the round of capital they are currently raising for, and what their future timeline looks like, amongst other things.

How can I invest in technology?

There are many ways to invest in the technology industry. Feel free to call one of our agents to better understand available options.

Is technology a good investment risk?

This is also heavily dependent on a number of factors, is this in the venture capital stage? What stage is the technology company in? How is the management team? What is their expertise and track record (if any)?… To just name a few factors. Feel free to call one of our agents for a more detailed discussion.

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