Delaware Basin Well Pad Completed by U.S. Energy and Atlantic Energy | World Oil


U.S. Energy and Atlantics new release:

U.S. & Atlantic Energy have completed the development of a new well pad in the Delaware Basin, located in Texas, that is projected to produce an estimated 22,000 BOE per day. The project involved drilling six operated wells, installing production systems and equipment, and constructing a water tanker pad, access road, and oil/water separators.

For this project, U.S. Energy and Atlantic Energy drilled six operated wells, installed production systems and equipment, and constructed a water tanker pad, access road, and oil/water separators. This well pad will enable a significant increase in the oil and gas production output in the area and is part of an ongoing effort to optimize energy production in the area.

The completion of the Delaware Basin well pad is great news for U.S. Energy Corp and Atlantic Energy, who will now be able to take advantage of the increased production capabilities of the well pad. This new project has the potential to help boost the region’s economic development and provide more opportunities for growth in the energy industry.

Mr. Main, CEO and a Managing Partner of Main Oak Capital, stated this week “We are excited to share the beginning of our new Delaware Basin development. We believe here at Main Oak that we are poised to show our direct investment partners how this new era of horizontal completion technology will not only increase daily production in the Delaware Basin, we also believe that we will show increased returns on our current and future projects. We have been working on this development for almost 3 years now and look forward to the completion of our first 2 wells.” Mr Main has a major horizontal development that begun last year.