4 Major Factors that Affect Film Investing Revenue

4 Major Factors that Affect Film Investing Revenue

As the demand for high-quality film production increases, more and more investors are seeking investment opportunities in the entertainment industry. Media and entertainment offer unique investment opportunities. Although entertainment investments are different from exchange-traded investment vehicles, they present a lucrative opportunity to be part of upcoming productions with great revenue potential. Prospective media and entertainment investors can partner with an investment management firm that provides vetted film industry investment opportunities with great revenue generation potential. Let’s take a look at major factors that affect film investing revenue.

1. Expertise of Fund Manager

The expertise of the fund manager has a great impact on the revenue potential of your investment. An experienced fund manager devises effective investment strategies that include selecting promising film productions and spreading your investments across diverse projects. The best fund managers have extensive experience investing in dozens of big names in film production. Investors need to analyze the fund manager’s portfolio of previous investments in film production to know the experience they bring to the table. An experienced manager will also know numerous ways to make money through film investments, which greatly influences the revenue potential.

2. Diversification of Portfolio

Film investments come with a clear risk-return trade-off and it is important to devise investment strategies that lower risks while maximizing revenue. The level of diversification has a great influence on film investment ROI. The right film investment opportunities feature an ideal mix of assets as it is a sound investment strategy that lowers risks. Film investment companies such as Main Oak Capital adopt a risk management approach characterised by investing in a portfolio of films rather than a single big-budget film production. Through portfolio diversification, comes a better balance of risk and returns.

3. Connections in the Film Industry

When investing in exclusive investment opportunities in the entertainment industry, one of the key factors that affect revenue is the level of connections the investment company has in the industry. Generally, exclusive media productions such as Warner Brothers, Netflix, Lionsgate and Sony, allow only high net worth and experienced investors to get involved. To access the best investment opportunities, media and entertainment investors need to partner with investment companies that have access to a network of industry relationships that provide ongoing access to investment opportunities.

4. Overall Involvement in Film Production

Media and entertainment companies are always seeking investment to finance different phases of film production. To increase the revenue potential, it is a good strategy to partner with an experienced film investment company that allows you to invest in multiple phases of production. Involvement in various phases such as post-production, promotion, and distribution, increases the potential of earning a return from box office releases, TV releases, and DVDs.

The Final Word

It takes a great deal of expertise and experience to recognize good investment opportunities in the entertainment sector. Main Oak Capital offers vetted investment opportunities that have great revenue potential and minimal associated risks to prospective media and entertainment investors. Utilizing our connections in the entertainment industry, we connect investors with investment opportunities that are otherwise hard to access. If you want to start investing in the entertainment sector, talk to our experts at (866) 495-MOAK (6625) or email info@mainoakcapital.com.