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Oil & Gas Investment Opportunities

MAIN OAK CAPITAL is a venture capital firm offering a host of lucrative direct investment opportunities in the ever-growing oil and gas industry. We specialize in offering oil and gas investment programs that best suit the investment portfolio of our partners. Our extensive industry knowledge, strategic collaborations, and a highly experienced team of executives bring nothing but the best oil and gas investing opportunities to the table. Starting from a host of tax breaks and benefits to sustainable cash flow, our oil and gas investment programs offer several benefits, making them a sought-after alternative investment.

Why Invest in Oil & Gas?

The lack of a dependable, steady source of alternate energy has led the global economy to rely on oil and gas for the coming future. The production of oil and gas, as a result, is set to increase well into the future. A recent study revealed that the global oil consumption will reach nearly 110 million barrels a day by 2045. The US government, in an effort to encourage oil and gas investment projects, provides a number of tax breaks, allowing investors to greatly reduce their tax liability. Some of the key benefits of investing in oil and gas, including but not limited to, are:

Low Risk

With the improvement and development of new technologies, direct investment opportunities such as oil and gas drilling investment programs provide great potential for a safe, low-risk avenue for accredited investors. Oil and gas investing, moreover, helps diversify investment portfolios and hedge market fluctuations and inflation.


The oil and gas industry is expected to grow substantially in the coming decades, meaning that investors putting their money down in oil and gas projects can be assured to receive sustainable potential returns on their investment.

Tax Benefits


The IRS offers a number of attractive tax breaks and benefits to encourage oil and gas investments in the USA. Oil and gas investing, therefore, helps reduce tax liability while delivering attractive potential returns. Some of main tax benefits associated with oil and investment projects, including but not limited to, are:

Intangible Drilling Costs

The costs incurred for drilling and preparation of wells for oil production are all considered intangible drilling costs, and are 100 percent tax deductible.

Tangible Drilling Costs

All the costs incurred in purchasing drilling equipment, such as machinery and rigs, are considered tangible drilling costs. They are 100 percent tax deductible and must depreciate over a seven-year period.

Lease Costs

Lease costs, such as the expenses incurred during negotiating and procuring the lease as well as mineral rights, lease operating costs, and other administrative, accounting, and legal expenses are all exempt and deducted over the course of lease agreement.

Why Choose Main Oak Capital?


Main Oak Capital, led by a highly experienced, expert team of executives in the oil and gas industry, provides top-notch direct investment opportunities for accredited investors with the lowest upfront margins in the industry. We constantly strive to reduce the risks involved with oil and gas investing and provide safe, reliable investment opportunities.

1. Strategic Partnerships

We, at Main Oak Capital, have long-held partnerships with some of the biggest and most recognizable names in the industry. Our oil and gas investment projects benefit from our collaborations and deliver results that top industry averages.

2. Impressive Track Record

Investor fairness and transparency being the ethos of the company has helped Main Oak Capital set an impressive track record of satisfied investors and steady returns on investment.

3. Experienced Team

Our team of experienced professionals drives our investment arm and leverages industry knowledge to help deliver optimal cash flow and stellar potential returns on investments.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Why invest in Oil and Gas?

Investing in oil and gas companies opens the door for attractive monthly cash flows and significant tax benefits. It presents a great way to grow your portfolio with tax leveraged investments in Texas.

How frequently are distributions made?

Oil and Gas investment distributions are made monthly once the first well is online and compounds as more wells are added.

What are the typical payouts on the wells?

Based on a market price of $50 per Barrel of Oil, our direct investment opportunities in oil and gas usually average around a 3:1 return on investment.

When will I start seeing my distributions?

You will typically start seeing your distributions 90 days from when we finish drilling the well.

What are the risks involved?

  • As with any investment, you run the risk of losing your capital. However, with the innovation of new technologies to determine oil and gas reserves, the risks to investors have been heavily mitigated. If there is any loss, then it can be written off 100%
  • Poor performance of the well
  • Oil prices are also a risk

Is now a good time to invest in Oil and Gas?

Yes, now is a good time to invest as our oil and gas projects have a potential positive cash flow return of 3:1 based on a market price of $50 per barrel of oil, which is significantly lower than today’s oil prices.

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